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Welcome to Refresh & Renew

A place to Refresh & Renew, you deserve some R&R

My name is Yvonne Lutz. Many people, mostly friends, call me Bonnie. I am helping people confidently take on the world.

That may sound a little confident myself, but who doesn't agree that when you feel good about yourself, you feel like you can do anything?! Even something as simple as the perfect outfit or the way my hair stylist does my hair, makes me leave the house like I can take on the world.

This is where the idea for my new venture in the day spa world was born. I am a Town Clerk and for my second job, who doesn't need a second job with currently two girls in college and two boys soon, I was doing mortgage origination. Anyone that has applied for a mortgage in the past 10 years knows why I began to hate doing mortgage origination. I was always the "bad guy", nobody likes me. And guess who everyone blames when something goes "South"!! I wanted to be liked. I obviously like to help people, but my help was becoming less and less appreciated. Not really ever thinking what I could do to replace this second job, how could I, I had been doing that my entire adult life?!

The story of the beginning of the birth of Refresh & Renew started with a conversation with my former hairstylist, who I left because she was too busy in the Real Estate business (you go girl) to keep doing my hair. We were talking one day about our hatred of the cellulite on our thighs. What can you possibly do to get rid of this ugly curse? I've tried everything...thousands of dollars in creams, roller type handheld devices, the newest at-home technology, etc...the list goes on. Low and behold, my hairstylist had done her homework and found Plasma Fibroblast. That was it! That was our answer. So of course, the person that I am, I jumped in headfirst. I couldn't just go to someone and have the treatment down. Hell, if I am going to pay all that money, I am going to invest in the pen and do it myself.

We move onto I am now certified and own the plasma "Plamere" pen but soon realize that I am not realistic to think I can treat myself and really it is not the best application for large areas of skin. It is FANTASTIC for wrinkles around the eyes and other small areas, but not really what I was looking for. That is when I started my own research. I researched for hours and hours, actually days and days and stumbled upon CryoSkin (slimming, toning and facials). After talking to, what seemed like, thousands of people, I decided to go for a consultation. During the consultation, I was sold. I wanted to not only do this for myself, but I also had to do this to help everyone who was struggling with any of the problems that CryoSkin can fix! I know how much I hated my cellulite, and I found the answer! I had to tell the world, especially my friends.

I jumped in headfirst to change the world, one woman at a time. All women are beautiful, but this can empower women even more by helping them feel better about themselves and how they look. I hate to just say women really, because many men have also used this service to improve their appearance, but I know that women will relate more with the struggle.

Now, since I made this decision and found someone so gracious to give me the opportunity to use a perfect location to perform my magic, I have been obsessed. I can't stop adding more services, that intrigues me (more about those in future blog posts). I can't stop trying to reach every person possible to share my excitement. I certainly have found my passion and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I look forward to my hours at the spa. I never thought I could have found one job, let alone two, that I enjoy so much. I really don't look at it like a is a hobby, my passion.

I just love seeing people smile because of something I have done, instead of dread even speaking to a client because they "aren't going to like me". Nothing makes me happier than making others even more beautiful than they were when they walked in.

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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